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Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Checklist 0

Refresh your bathroom this spring with a vigorous cleaning. Use this checklist to make sure you cover all the crucial (and often forgotten) areas in your bathroom during your spring cleaning project.



  • Rubber gloves

  • Cleaning

  • cloths, sponge, scrubbing brush

  • Broom, mop, duster, trash bag, bucket

  • Tile cleaner, limescale remover, toilet cleaner,

  • glass detergent, disinfectant


  • Make sure you have all cleaning supplies

  • Clear all surfaces, cabinets and drawers

  • Sort-items - to throw, to put away, to take to laundry

  • Take a hot shower - it'll make the scrubbing easier.


  • Vents & Fans - remove and wash the vent cover; let it dry and dust the fan; put back the cover

  • Shower Curtain - remove and wash the curtain and let it dry, or replace with a new one.

  • Dusting - start with the ceiling, move from top to bottom; clean cobwebs, dust surfaces and sweep the floor.


  • Spray - use a limescale detergent to spray critical areas (drains, faucets, etc.); pour toilet cleaner in the toilet and wait for the detergents to work.

  • Wash - while waiting, wash the curtain liner and shower door.

  • Scrub - use a brush and abrasive sponge to scrub the bathtub, grout, toilet and sink.

  • Rinse and Polish - rinse everything with warm water and polish using dry cloths.


  • Wash - use an abrasive sponge and a cleaner to wash all cabinets and drawers - inside and out

  • Disinfect - dampen a cleaning cloth using a disinfectant and go through the cabinets and drawers.

  • Polish - use a dry cloth to polish the surfaces inside and out.


  • Scrub - use a solution of water and detergent to scrub all tiles and the floor

  • Rinse - rinse tiles and floor with warm water

  • Disinfect - Dampen a cleaning cloth using a disinfectant and go through the tiles and floor and rinse again.

  • Dry & Polish - use a dry cloth to polish the tiles and a mop for the floors.


  • Return all items to their spots

  • Bring the spring to your bathroom - decorate with towels, art, accessories and plants

  • Enjoy your clean bathroom!


Courtesy of: A to Z Cleaning

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