Good for the Bathroom: Aloe Vera is one of the hardiest plants to keep in the house, and due to the humidity in the bathroom, will require virtually no watering. It’s also perfect to have on hand for soothing your skin.

Locate this Plant: By a window, however one with indirect lighting.


Good for the Bathroom: Any amount of light works for the bamboo to grow and that’s why it’s perfect for bathrooms. It also grows in water meaning no messy soil or repotting – simply change the water every month.

Locate this Plant: Anywhere in your bathroom.


Good for the Bathroom: Cast Iron Plants are hardy and don’t require a lot of attention, and they are able to endure all temperature changes which makes them great for the bathroom.

Locate this Plant: Out of direct sunlight.


Good for the Bathroom: This hardy plant prefers the warm temperatures and humid conditions, making it ideal for bathrooms. It’s also a plant that is pretty much un-killable (take note all your brown thumbs!).

Locate this Plant: These plants thrive in medium to low light or indirect sunlight.


Good for the Bathroom: Loves loves humidity and can survive in low light conditions and that’s why it is ideal for bathrooms. Keep in mind that the soil remains moist (and not wet) when watering.

Locate this Plant: A corner by your bath would be your best bet, as the humidity from a shower would provide the occasional misting this plant likes.


Good for the Bathroom: Ivy is great for the bathroom as it needs just moderate exposure to sunlight, and also prefers the high humidity levels commonly found in bathrooms. It’s also another plant that helps to purify your air, which is such a win!

Locate this Plant: Given that Ivy is a vine, it is ideal for hanging up in small bathrooms.


Good for the Bathroom: Orchids are best known as greenhouse plants, which very much mirrors the characteristics of a bathroom, so you know they’re going to thrive.

Locate this Plant: Place them in a spot with indirect light, but not too dark.


Good for the Bathroom: This plant grows best in warm, humid conditions with minimal light, making it perfect for most bathrooms!

Locate this Plant: A great spot for this plant is a position next to a steamy shower or bath.


Good for the Bathroom: This plant is my favourite, and a go-to for the bathroom… They withstand low light as well as humid conditions, and grow amazing tendrils that will make your bathroom feel like a jungle.

Locate this Plant: Hang your plant up high, or place them in your shower!


Good for the Bathroom: Almost impossible to kill, this plant is flexible with its heat and water preferences and can tolerate any type of lighting. Hardly any water is necessary for this plant to flourish as the humidity in bathrooms is often enough.

Locate this Plant: Placing them in bathroom corners would be perfect.


Good for the Bathroom: As spider plants don’t need a lot of natural light and thrive well in humidity, bathrooms are ideally the place for them to live in. Spider plants can also filter chemicals that are common in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and even cosmetics.

Locate this Plant: Place on a high shelf or atop a cabinet, preferably away from the window and direct lighting.


Good for the Bathroom: Being pretty much indestructible in nature, low to moderate light is enough for the ZZ plant.  This plant can survive months without water, but will grow faster if watered regularly.

Locate this Plant: By a window that has a good balance of indirect lighting and shade.



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