Tips of Creating a Posh Bathroom - 10  Easy Tips

Tips of Creating a Posh Bathroom - 10 Easy Tips 0

Take your bathroom from predictable to picture-perfect with our ten tips for creating a magazine-worthy space like this one.


1. Strip Bathroom of Anything That Sticks out From Walls
"Avoid having anything that sticks out from the walls especially in very narrow bathrooms. This means that maybe you forgo a towel bar and mount one on the back of the door. Go with built-in toilet paper holders and magazine racks. Even try to avoid decorative shelves. All of this takes away precious square footage." - Dawn Falcone Lifestyles

2. Install Clear Shower Enclosures to Emphasize Visual Pass-Through
"To give the illusion of more space eliminate as much visual clutter as possible when selecting fixtures and materials: Clear shower enclosures with minimal hardware; swinging doors rather than bypass if possible." - Faulkner House Interior Redesign, LLC

3. Get Creative With Storage By Using Every Available Nook
"Storage must-haves: towels, toilet paper, daily supplies (teeth supplies, cleansers, makeup, etc.). Wasted space: Pedestal sinks (beautiful, but not functional if you have limited space). Consider: Behind the door hooks for towels and robes or over the door pouches for holding small suppliers (hair, makeup) and medicine cabinets and/or shelving set inside the walls, in between the studs." - Storage and organizing expert Helene Segura, M.A. Ed., CPO

4. Uplight Your Ceiling With Sconces to Create the Illusion of a Taller Ceiling
"You can use design tricks through lighting to visually enhance the space in a small bathroom. To make the room appear larger, try up-lighting the ceiling with wall sconces or cove lighting. It will create the impression of higher ceilings and more expansive space. For a narrow room, illuminating one wall with light will give the illusion of a more open area." - Pegasus Lighting

5. Limit Yourself to Two Paint Colors (More Than That Feels Busy)
"Keep it simple. Busy wallpaper, too many paint colors, patterned fabrics and accessories will make the room feel cluttered and smaller. Two colors will work great in a small bath. One for wall color and another for accessories." - Dawn Falcone Lifestyles

6. Replace Shower Curtain With Glass Door
"Open up the room with glass. If your bathroom only has a shower stall consider not only a glass door but partially taking out another wall & replacing it with glass. Even a small tub area will benefit from some clean, clear glass doors. If the glass is not an option then use clear shower curtains that will allow light in." - Dawn Falcone Lifestyles

7. Big Tiles Look Best in Small Bathrooms
"Select larger floor tile to open up space. Lesser grout lines give the illusion of a bigger space." - Bloom Designs

8. Emphasize Texture Over Color
"Bring in texture, not color, to add interest without it getting too busy. Add one unique element --a cool mirror, a unique piece of art, a funky sink. One carefully chosen focused piece can transform it from small and boring to cute and chic. " - Workshopapd

9. Layout: Push Bathing Facilities Against Farthest Wall
"Depends on the space - I've even designed powder rooms to tuck in under a stair - but, if you have a typical rectangle space, have the tub/shower area on the far wall. This allows you to make maximum use of the space. Try to have a window on this wall. Have the sink as you come in and the toilet between." - Emme Levine

10. Install a good showerhead - you can get the water streaming out like natural rain when you install a rainfall shower in your bathroom. In this way, you can get to relax when you are having your daily baths. Gone are the days of having painful water jets sprouting water at you.

5 Bathroom Vanity Furniture and Design

5 Bathroom Vanity Furniture and Design 0

Choosing the right kind of vanity can make or break a bathroom space. Here are 5 pieces of bathroom furniture that we curated for your bathroom vanity.

1. Dornbracht Vaia Brassware

Courtesy of  Dornbracht Vaia Brassware

By virtue of its elegant yet progressive design, VAIA harmoniously blends into traditional and modern-minimalistic architectures. Here the chrome finished wall-mounted tap sets off this contemporary bathroom scheme. 

2. Walnut Bathroom Vanity

Image via Home Bunch

The master bathroom features a stunning custom vanity, geometric floor tile and plenty of personalities.

3. Bathroom Vanity Shelf

Courtesy of Vim Decor

Whether you have a big or tiny bathroom, storage is always crucial for keep your bathroom clean and comfortable. There are plenty of ways to use bathroom space as storage. You can use the space under the sink as storage space for toiletries. In addition, you can use the gondola or the built-in basket. Another method is to manage the cosmetic device using a magnetic cosmetic storage plate or a separate box that adjusts the type of cosmetic device. The last option is a shelf of desire to store other toiletries. - Vim Decor

4. Floating Vanity - Mixed open and closed compartments

Image credit of

Mixed open and closed compartments - To create more visual interest, why not try a mix of open and closed compartments to show off your accessories, or simply provide easier access to them. MV Interiors London

5. Modern Traditional Vanity

Image credit: Studioe Design Arch

Modern traditional - Or for a modern take on a traditional style, consider a vanity on legs, which still leaves space underneath, and choose a cabinet with a simple design. MV Interiors London