Making a Statement with White Rugs

Making a Statement with White Rugs

If you like to freshen up, brighten up your home nothing beats the color white. This versatile neutral works well in a variety of color schemes and design styles, and it's hardly sterile and boring. But do not take for granted the quality as well - as you don't want to keep on replacing your rugs especially if it's white. Make sure it's very durable, easy to maintain and will last for a long time.

If you are having a hard time finding that perfect white rug consider the Luxe Bathroom Rug/Mats, it's has a thicker microfiber cart compared to other brands with a thick soft shaggy pile of microfiber that makes it super absorbent, plusher and fluffier. Luxe Bathroom Rug/Mats has a natural latex rubber backing it secures the whole mat and make it non-slip and will always stay in place. Did I mention it's machine washable too? - well, it is! The Luxe Bathroom Mats have been tested and can be machine washed time and time again. 



Here are some of our favorite looks using white rugs for your home. All images are from Pinterest.

Bedroom. It gives a more feminine and romantic vibe.

Bathroom. It gives that luxury feel.

Dresser/Make-up Table. It complements the whole look.

Spaces/corner. It brightens up space.





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