Get Inspired with Different Bathroom Themes

Get Inspired with Different Bathroom Themes

The bathroom is your rightful personal space where you start your good day ahead and ends with a soothing wash down of the day’s stress. Coupled that with the right fixtures and decorations affects the ambience, and making it more than just a comfortable small area at home.

Here are a few styles that will definitely bring the wow factor into your house.

Spotless White
It is absolutely fine to keep a white bathroom if that is what you would prefer but if you are bored of it, jazz it up with some style. If a subtle change is what you want, choose tiles with a white base and minimum texture on it, just to give it a little pop.


Dark and Intimate
The current trend homeowners tend to go towards for their bathrooms would be dark and intimate, to aim for a spa-like bathroom. For most of us, a spa session is something we rarely have the time for so why not transform your bathroom into a spa?


Bright and Intimate
If you like the idea of an intimate spa-like bathroom but feels that dark colours are too gloomy for your liking, you are still able to create the same intimate ambience with lighter colours.


The best of both worlds
If neither dark nor light is what you want, why not combine and create your own spa-style? Mix it up with both dark and bright colours, keeping the secondary elements to complete the look.


Unwind and relax
Everyone wants a little break from life. Similar to the spa bathroom, the resort bathroom is a design which allows you to be surrounded by nature, but in a lighter tone.


‘Raw exposed’ Concrete
Having such a strong finish for the entire bathroom may not be suitable for most of us, due to the tough and raw image of it. If you are interested in a concrete finishing but thinks it’s too rough, there are ways to go around it for added elegance and classiness.

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