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Celebrate Valentine's Day Together

Celebrate Valentine's Day Together

If you love Valentines Day and planning to have an, you sure want to spread extra love on that night by making a surprise for your beloved, well this post is for you! Personally, I think every weekend we deserve a "ME TIME" even a simple,
relaxed, warm luxurious bath. but on Valentine's day are a special date to celebrate. After a luxury dinner, you can take a romantic shower with your love!

It's easy to create a romantic atmosphere in a bathroom, but if you don't have an idea how to do that, you are in the right place.

1. The most wide-spread idea is rose petals in the bathtub and around it.


2. Candles are also fantastic for creating a romantic atmosphere - luxury candles are the best for creating a romantic vibe because of the signature romantic scent that lasts for hours.


3. Good music in the background to set the mood and feel the vibe.

4. And don't forget a wine or champagne and some strawberries and you're done.

  • Mai Perez


1. Hang a wreath on the back of the door.
Decorating a bath or powder room with a wreath is much more practical than taking up the counter space with floral arrangements. Try using a balsam or cedar wreath, which give off lovely wintery scents and remember to coordinate your wreath accents with the decor of your bathroom.

2. Trade up everyday towels with holiday ones.
Check in with stores like Pottery Barn or HomeSense who carry a wide variety of textiles. Mix up patterns and solids (think plaids with whites) and keep them stacked in open-faced shelving or the sink's countertop.

3. Keep the bathroom smelling lovely with seasonal-scented soaps.
Stock your bathroom and treat your guests with delicious holiday soaps from bath product pros like Crabtree & Evelyn or Bath and Body Works. Go with a cranberry, cinnamon or balsam fragrance and place in a festive soap dish or pump.

4. Think outside the box with mini Christmas trees.
Try a different spin on miniature decorative Christmas trees. Set small vintage-style trophies or white votive holders on the window ledge in your bathroom with large pinecones placed in them.

5. Adorn your mirror with a seasonal touch.
Of all the greens that are in the woods, the holly bears the crown. Use sprigs of it to trim your mirror with a decorative crown and give it a festive facelift.

6. Switch up your doorknobs for something with a little bling.
Add some festive glam by temporarily switching your bathroom door's regular hardware for a doorknob with a seasonal touch, whether it's one with a red coloured glass or a holiday shape. Hang a stylish tassel from it to give it that extra oomph.

7. Display leftover tree ornaments on the bathroom countertop.
Try filling a hurricane glass vase with leftover tree ornaments and placing it on a shelf or countertop or, if it’s small enough, a windowsill.

8. Keep holiday home fragrance products around for a quick rejuvenation.
If guests are on their way over, an easy way to get the bathroom in check with the rest of your home's seasonal feel is to burn or spray a holiday home fragrance. A cranberry fragrance in an oil burner is a warm welcome, and a quick spritz of a balsam room spray would do the trick as well.

  • Mai Perez
Give Your Guest Bath a fancy Hotel Feel

Give Your Guest Bath a fancy Hotel Feel

First give the bathroom a good cleaning. Our guests bath is very small with a tiny little cabinet so organization is key which means cut the clutter.

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Once it all clean and tidy go the extra mile by giving your towels a hotel touch with an easy fold and tuck in either a gift or a decor item like these gold Christmas balls.

You know those nice cotton cloth napkins you only use once or twice a year? Roll them and leave them in the guest bath this holiday season for hand drying.

Once it all done, do not forget to add up some luxurious bath rug.

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If you happen to have a tub in your guest bath, go all the way by adding up a good quality of bathtub caddy. 

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And for the finishing touch, do not forget the Christmas scents, and you're all done.

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  • Mai Perez
10 Features of Luxury Bathrooms

10 Features of Luxury Bathrooms

So what are the characteristics of luxury bathrooms today?

1. Amenities for Pampering
One of the main features of luxury bathrooms are available amenities such as lusciously soft towels, high-quality bath rugs and a generous supply of high end quality products.

2. Solidity and Quality
The most outstanding feature all luxury bathrooms have in common is their flair of solidity and quality. This is primarily reflected by the building materials used such as marble, granite and luxurious quartz crystal floor tiles.

3. Luxurious Beauty Products
Displaying luxurious beauty products such as Kiel soap and lotions from Bronnley, Yardley or Molton Brown that have royal warrants of appointment will clearly be associated with lavish style.

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4. Sophisticated Design
A well-thought-out design is a further hallmark of high-quality bathrooms. A luxurious flair is the end-result of a stylistically harmonious room with good alignment which can be seen as soon as one enters the room, especially when the bathroom furniture has been carefully selected to establish an elegant atmosphere. In the bathroom of the Royal Suite of the quintessentially royal luxury hotel The Goring, where the Duchess of Cambridge spent the night on the eve of her wedding, a portrait of Queen Victoria hangs behind a glass wall –inside the shower. Alongside such opulence, the artistic arrangement of beams and cornices enrich large bathrooms. These stylistic devices cleverly affect the eyes, as they stimulate multi-layered perspectives, embellishing the bathroom with depth and a multidimensional quality.

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5. Free Standing Bathtub
When one sees antique bath tubs in Roman gardens or in old mansions, the design of freestanding tubs hasn´t changed in essentials. The shape of the freestanding bathtub has been maintained for hundreds of years, because it is a classic shape whose dimensions serve the same purpose today as in times past. Antique and contemporary free standing bath tubs are characteristically oval and decorative and can therefore be positioned in the centre of a bathroom – almost like a sculpture to be shown off to its best advantage. Ornamental free standing baths deserve to be put centre stage in the heart of a luxurious bathroom. Many of these are adorned with an eye-catching plinth, which conveniently also hides unsightly pipework.

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6. Luxury Underfoot
In ancient Rome artistic mosaics embellished the floors of Roman baths. In modern times we decorate and improve our luxury bathrooms with floor lights, floor heating and underfloor LED lighting. This is, after all, a very pleasant warmth, because you can feel the warmth directly underfoot. An added advantage of illuminated floors is that the senses are more subtly engaged by light that shines from below. In ancient Rome the floors were heated with the hypocaust, an ancient Roman floor heating system. This Roman heating system was a large heater through which hot air was funnelled. With this heating system the ancient Romans were able heat their baths as well as large seating benches and walls. Today radiant heat is used, which is installed into the floors and walls internally behind floor-to-ceiling wall panels and allows for the bathroom to look more chic and clear-cut while providing even and dust-free heat.


7. Noble Ambiance
A luxurious ambiance can be achieved through a well-designed room that is inviting. In antiquity mural art and aesthetic sculptures were used to create an interesting and entertaining ambiance for visitors. This isn´t so different today, although modern technology enables us to install invisible in-wall speakers, CD-players, televisions and server systems storing and streaming video and audio content to televisions around the house and into bathrooms; these can even be integrated into mirrors to enhance the feeling of luxury. Other methods of creating a comfortable and practical ambiance are utilizing wall alcoves, sunken bathtubs and shower seat niches. Luxury bathrooms are usually spacious enough to accommodate more cumbersome luxury furniture, too. A beautiful divan is just the ticket for a spacious luxury bathroom.

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8. Elaborate Lighting
In the past oil lamps, candles and torches were used for lighting. Since the 19th century we have electric light and since 1962 we even have colored LED light, which is often used in modern luxury designer bathrooms for accentuating floor tiles, flowing water and fluorescence in showers. Innovative light can instantly spark a feeling of luxury; this is why it is strategically placed in the room as another feature of the luxury bathroom.

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9. Costly Scent
To cater to all senses, scent is often used in luxury bathrooms in order to create a pampering atmosphere and mood. Essential oils were a particularly luxurious commodity in the middle ages in Europe, because these were rare and expensive goods.

10. Art
Sculptures, stained glass windows and artistically ingenious architectural techniques, mosaics, frescoes, plastering and columns are still being used today to beautify luxurious bathrooms. One wonders why antique objects of art and classical architectural techniques are still being used for luxury bathrooms today. The reason is that ionic, Corinthian and Doric columns, sculptures, etc. are still regarded as timeless, decorative and luxurious and the reason why this hasn´t changed lies in the fact that our association of harmony and beauty also known as the golden ratio or golden section is reflected in these harmonious pieces of art.

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  • Mai Perez