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The Right Shower Head According to Experts

The Right Shower Head According to Experts

Showerheads are the type of appliance you never think about until you do. Then, when you need one, you realize you’ve fallen into a hidden world of water pressure and sizing and functionality. Consider us your tour guide in that frightening new world. When you’re picking out a new showerhead, here’s what you should look at first.


The National Pipe Thread size is standardized in the US. That means the fitting connecting a shower head to the “elbow” will almost always be the same size–½ inch NPT. You shouldn’t have to worry about a shower head fitting onto your shower elbow.

There are numerous types of showerhead. Start your search by finding out which kind you want and/or which would work best in your particular shower. Here are the most common kinds of showerhead:

Wall-mounted Single-head: The simple bowl-shaped head that usually attaches directly to the shower elbow. The main advantage of the single-head showerhead is its simplicity and flexibility. - Punctual Plumber Dallas

RainLuxe 12 Inch Shower Head 

Good to Know:

  • 💦 INSTALLS IN MINUTES – Designed to eliminate weak water flow and coverage of standard showerheads, the RainLuxe Rainfall Shower Head is the ideal showerhead replacement. It installs in minutes without any special plumbing tools. It connects to any standard shower arm or overhead fixture for ceiling installation. Try it as your outdoor shower head. No tools required. Includes rubber gasket w filter screen. Everything you need is in the package
  • 💦 EASY TO MAINTAIN AND CLEAN – Top rated, easy to maintain, nearly 150 anti-clogging nozzles drench you in the most luxurious, highest flow your water pressure will allow. Many buyers say this is the best shower head. There is no flow restrictor, no water restriction. All you get is a high flow of a waterfall.
  • 💦 YOUR SHOWER IS A SPA EXPERIENCE– Getaway, every day. Just like a 5-star hotel or spa, the RainLuxe rainfall showerhead turns your bathroom into the best spa experience! Durably built, better than any hotel shower head for high volume and long-lasting, yet at a fraction of the cost of a shower panel or other rain shower heads.
  • 💦 MATCHES YOUR SHOWER FIXTURES – The Rainluxe chrome shower head finish matches your other bathroom shower fixtures and has a swivel joint to aim the head to where you need it most. Made of rust-free materials, your shower head will look good for years to come.
  • 💦 UPGRADE YOUR SHOWER – This will be your last shower upgrade with the ultimate waterfall shower head. It has excellent performance at high or low water pressure. After showering with the RainLuxe shower head, you’ll never go back. No need to disassemble to remove scale from the nozzles, simply wipe off the face of your rainfall showerhead.

    Hand-held Showerheads

    Thanks to the additional reach and control provided by a three- to six-foot hose, a hand-held shower can help you perform multiple tasks, from bathing kids or the dog to washing your hair to rinsing down your shower enclosure. Handheld showers are wall mounted and can be loaded with extras. - Spruce

    Ceiling (or “Rain”) 

    These heads come affixed to a long, “L” or “P” shaped arm that attaches to the shower elbow. The arm positions the showerhead directly over the showering person. Punctual Plumber Dallas


    Different showerheads require different psi for effective flow. If your home doesn’t have enough water pressure for the head you choose, water won’t be able to flow with enough strength or consistency to be effective.

    RainLuxe 12 Inch Shower Head 

    Has excellent performance at high or low water pressure. Durably built, better than any hotel shower head for high volume and long-lasting, yet at a fraction of the cost of a shower panel or other rain shower heads.

    Energy Consumption

    The more water pressure a showerhead requires, the more energy it will use. Showers are the third-highest water using appliance in the average US home. The average showerhead uses 2.1 gallons per minute (gpm).


    It’s easy to forget, but you gotta like the way the showerhead actually looks! Be sure to pick a finish that matches your bathroom’s decor. It may not sound particularly important now, but showerheads last awhile; you may as well actually like the one you end up with!

    The Rainluxe chrome shower head finish matches your other bathroom shower fixtures and has a swivel joint to aim the head to where you need it most. Made of rust-free materials, your shower head will look good for years to come.



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    5 Bathroom Vanity Furniture and Design

    5 Bathroom Vanity Furniture and Design

    Choosing the right kind of vanity can make or break a bathroom space. Here are 5 pieces of bathroom furniture that we curated for your bathroom vanity.

    1. Dornbracht Vaia Brassware

    Courtesy of  Dornbracht Vaia Brassware

    By virtue of its elegant yet progressive design, VAIA harmoniously blends into traditional and modern-minimalistic architectures. Here the chrome finished wall-mounted tap sets off this contemporary bathroom scheme. 

    2. Walnut Bathroom Vanity

    Image via Home Bunch

    The master bathroom features a stunning custom vanity, geometric floor tile and plenty of personalities.

    3. Bathroom Vanity Shelf

    Courtesy of Vim Decor

    Whether you have a big or tiny bathroom, storage is always crucial for keep your bathroom clean and comfortable. There are plenty of ways to use bathroom space as storage. You can use the space under the sink as storage space for toiletries. In addition, you can use the gondola or the built-in basket. Another method is to manage the cosmetic device using a magnetic cosmetic storage plate or a separate box that adjusts the type of cosmetic device. The last option is a shelf of desire to store other toiletries. - Vim Decor

    4. Floating Vanity - Mixed open and closed compartments

    Image credit of

    Mixed open and closed compartments - To create more visual interest, why not try a mix of open and closed compartments to show off your accessories, or simply provide easier access to them. MV Interiors London

    5. Modern Traditional Vanity

    Image credit: Studioe Design Arch

    Modern traditional - Or for a modern take on a traditional style, consider a vanity on legs, which still leaves space underneath, and choose a cabinet with a simple design. MV Interiors London


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    Best Bathroom Design Ideas

    Best Bathroom Design Ideas

    Just moved into your new home, renovation or just in the mood to redesign your bathroom - you are in the right place. Here are some beautiful bathrooms for your inspiration.

    1. Tiled Bathroom

    Small minimalist 3/4 white tile and subway tile porcelain floor and gray floor wet room photo in Boston with flat-panel cabinets, medium tone wood cabinets, a one-piece toilet, gray walls, an undermount sink, engineered quartz countertops, a hinged shower door and white countertops —  Houzz

    2. Small Bathroom

    Image credit: I Spy DIY The bathroom may be your home’s most utilitarian space, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to trends. (Case in point: The shiny brass fixtures and speckled granite counters that looked so cool in the early ’90s feel hopelessly dated today.) In the past few years, homeowners have gravitated towards marbledark grouthexagonal tiles, and stand-alone showers—but according to a new Houzz bathroom trends study, the times are changing yet again. While many of the design decisions I just mentioned are still going to be big, you’ll see them in the midst of these very-2019 updates. - via  Apartment Therapy

     3. Stylish Double Vanity Bathroom

    Courtesy of Studio DB

    This minimalist New York bathroom boasts plenty of storage space in a stylish double vanity with seamless blue-gray cabinets that features circular cutouts instead of hardware. The circle shape is used again in the round mirror above the vanity, making this space by Studio DB elegant and striking - via MYDOMAINE

    4. Rustic Farm House Bathroom

    Alyssa Rosenheck - Jennifer Robin Interiors

    A white door with a single frosted glass panel opens to reveal a beautifully appointed powder room fitted with a stained oak sink vanity finished with a slatted shelf and a rectangular concrete sink. The sink is mounted beneath a matte black faucet fixed to a white shiplap wall beneath a dark stained wood mirror lit by iron and glass sconces - via Decorpad

    5. Minimalist Bathroom

    Courtesy of Studio Mcgee
    A nice light oak vanity with multiple drawers for storage space and contrasted it with brass detail on the legs. The interesting shape and brass finish of the sconce plays beautifully with the nickel on the mirror and faucet via Studio Mcgee

    6. Space Maker Bathroom

    Design: Lot 1 Design | Photography: Katherine Lu.
    Space maker Glass screens and a floor-to-ceiling window give this bathroom a spacious feel while the raw, robust aesthetic creates interest. The white textured walls and light floor tiles are complemented by steel trims and industrial-inspired tapware via Homes to Love

    7. Bathroom With Forest Wallpaper

    Image by Ben Pentreath
    This bathroom uses a bold black and white forest wallpaper. The use of lithographic and black and white art on the walls enhances the "etched" quality of this room. The small touches of blue brighten up the whole. Ben's London House by Ben Pentreath

    8. Waterfall Style Walk-In Shower

    Image by Sognare Tile
    We've all dreamed of (and some of us even have!) showering under a refreshing waterfall in a tropical forest. This luxurious walk-in shower has that feeling of a special little grotto on some private tropical island, with one slate wall and another rough-hewn, natural stone wall. The waterfall is definitely a change from typical rain shower heads. Bathroom by Sognare Tile
    Whether big or small bathroom as long as the materials, colors, style, and functionality are properly coordinated you can never go wrong. It's best to check out designs inspiration first before making a decision. What's your favorite design so far?

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    Relaxing Bathroom Color Scheme

    Relaxing Bathroom Color Scheme

    If you want to create a new look in your bathroom, but want to avoid a complete interior overhaul, consider tweaking your color scheme and decor. A few simple changes can create an entirely new vibe without going over budget. Design a bathroom with colors and styles that truly speak to you. Since it’s the room you spend time getting ready in the morning and preparing for bed, it’s important to create a space the boosts your energy and offers you a quiet respite from your busy schedule.

    Sources: Ted Fotheringham Photography

    Give your bathroom—and every morning—a big, bright energy boost. This cerulean blue is a refreshing color that can be balanced out with neutral features, such as the white and gray shades in the cabinetry, rug, and sink. These crisp blend of colors help to create a dynamic bathroom with a soft, rejuvenating side.


    Sources: Dale Tan via High Rise Photo

    Even if you don’t have large windows scaling your bathroom wall, you can introduce your fondness for nature in other ways. Stone or wood will emit a natural look, while mint green and white colors will ensure a refreshing feel. Clean lines will help reiterate the modern theme you’re going for—these square sinks work well in a rectangular shaped room and panel windows.

    Sources: Laura Iverson Design

    Adding color to a bathroom doesn’t need to be bright or showy. Choose a light mint color for a lush backdrop. If you pair this with white countertop and cabinets, you’ll have a clean look that lets you play with the floor design. Simple colors also give you the flexibility to accessorize with other pops of color in the guest baskets, towels, and decor.

    Sources: International Custom Designs

    Neutral colors, like an ash gray, give your bathroom a soothing sentiment. Pairing your grey walls with whites and browns will offer a welcomed contrast. For fully luxurious touch and to complete the look, install a freestanding tub, separate shower and vanity table.

    Sources: Lake Country Builders

    Blend a rustic look with a more modern shower, double-faucet tub and linoleum flooring. Play with natural tones of the woods by using oat and brown-colored paint to round out the room. White and silver accessories bode well with this rich color scheme, so the natural browns can take center stage.

    Sources: Mary Jo Fiorella

    You can begin your day in a serene bathroom by choosing a soft sky blue color for your walls and backsplash tile. To balance out the blue, white cabinets and countertops will preserve the tranquil look. Don’t forget to also consider upgrading the material of your faucet, shower heads and light fixtures—the touches of stainless steel help carry out the clean look.

    Sources: Branca Inc.

    To create a clean and refreshing yet luxurious feel, design your bathroom using a pale pistachio paint with delicate white complements. Make sure to add small accents to the color scheme with hints of darker greens and golds. Don’t forget to elevate the relaxation vibe by putting candles and bubble bath on display.

    Sources: Laura Iverson Design

    Don’t be shy to show your creative side when it comes to color. This mix of tangerine orange and white bathroom creates a space bursting with flavor. You can paint your favorite design or use wallpaper to mimic this look, but to balance it out, make sure to contrast the upper portion with solid-colored wainscotting below the chair rail.


    • Mai Perez